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Fruits and vegetables used are purchased from Great Country Farms in Bluemont, VA.   Although they use primarily organic and sustainable methods of farming, they cannot be considered “organic” because, on occasion, if pests threaten the crops, they will be treated. Each year, they implement more sustainable growing methods, such as plasticulture, in order to keep any treatments (usually to corn and winter vegetables) to a minimum. This boosts the quality of their crops so that we can bring you the best, safest produce available to feed to your pets.  


Meats are obtained from US family run farms only. The pork for Porky Chews is purchased from Long Stone Farm in Lovettsville, VA; chicken for Sausage Tails from Polyface Farms in Swoope, VA; wild caught salmon for Salmon Jerky.  Meats used in our products are not considered organic, although some may be, because while our meat product sources do not regularly give their livestock antibiotics, if an animal is sick at any point, they may need medication on occasion in order to preserve their health. Our treats contain no steroids, no added hormones and we obtain meat from sustainable farms that are animal welfare friendly. Further, we add no additives or fillers to our treats.


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