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Our Mission

​EJ’s Meats & Treats was created as more concern was developing over unsafe treats being marketed to American families’ beloved pets from overseas. We are passionate about our pets and their nutrition,  and we knew we were not alone in our thinking.  We had already developed relationships with a local farm and meat shop and had become quite adept at smoking meats for our own consumption. This led us to create safe alternative treats for our pets as well. Shortly thereafter, EJ’s Meats & Treats was born to provide the same quality treats for your pets in order to ensure the health and safety of each pet in our customer base.

EJ’s Meats & Treats believes in responsible community citizenship. For this reason, we are active in local organizations which provide assistance to veterans, underprivileged children and senior citizens and local animal rescue groups. At various times throughout the year we offer you the opportunity to purchase treats with the proceeds donated to charitable organizations.  


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