Taste Testers

EJ’s Meats & Treats employs the best taste testers in the business!  Our taste testers not only have a love of food but a love of life.  All of our taste testers are rescues.  The only question is who rescued who?  Our taste testers spend their days playing hard and require high quality, nutritious EJ's Meats & Treats to give them the fuel and power to live a healthy, energetic life.  We wouldn't feed your dog anything less than the best just like we do for our own.




Katarina is a pit/lab/jack russell mix and extreme taste tester.  Like all of our dogs, Katarina is a rescue.  Also known as Kattie,  she definitely adds something special to our pack; she is full of energy and excitement.  Katarina loves to play with anyone willing to give her attention.  She loves to stand on top of you and lick your face to wake you in the morning.  At nearly 55 lbs, she wakes you up fast when standing on your chest!  Katarina is an avid eater and loves any EJ's Meats & Treats she tries.  Although she is an adult, she thinks that she's still a puppy and reminds you every chance she gets.



Charlie is a nearly 95 pound Pit/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  He loves to cuddle and thinks he's a lap dog.  Charlie is the mediator of our pack, licking and grooming the others after playing hard.  He is truly a gentle giant with a meek personality and is full of love.  Charlie is an extremely loyal boy and loves to spend his time as close to his family as possible.  



Meet Marley!  Marley is an American Pit Bull Terrier.  She is full of energy and love. Marley can't get enough attention and loves to play and entertain.  The most photogenic of our pack, this nearly 65 lb puppy is all solid muscle without an ounce of fat.  She loves to play with anything that can be thrown.  If no one will throw to her, she throws her toys up in the air herself and chases them!  Marley thinks that the recycle bin is her own personal toy box. Each trash day, we have to round up all of the reyclables Marley has spread around the yard.  Marley's not a big fan of veggies and would much rather have meat treats.