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Elk Whole Antler- Assorted Sizes

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All-natural antler dog chews come from Elk in the Rocky Mountains. Hard antler is an annually renewable crop that naturally FALLS OFF the Elk, providing a safe, all-natural antler chew treat for your dog. Every year, Elk drop their old hard antler in late Winter and start growing new antlers (velvet antlers) each and every Spring. We collect the natural "drops" from wild animals. NO ANIMALS ARE EVER HARMED.

None of our antlers are split.

Mini (Chihuahua-Sized) are approximately 2 oz, 1" in diameter and 4" long
Medium "Footers" are approximately 9 oz, 1.25" in diameter and 10-12" long
Large are approximately 12 oz, 1.25-2.5" in diameter and 5-10" long
Extra Large (Mastiff-Sized) are approximately 1.6 lbs, 2-3" in diameter and 12" long

Splits are sliced down the middle to reveal doggy-delicious marrow in the middle making it easier to get to for Fido

Looking for other Antler products or another size? Send us an email and ask!

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